Delicious dining

At Lolland and Falster

Our favorites

We have made a list of great places to dine at Lolland and Falster.

We accept no liability for the list, as we know that restaurants and qualities may change
over time. 

Please let us know if you have great places to recommend or if one of the places on our list changes, and no longer live up to the expectations.


Pin Sushi & Wok

Østergade 35
4930 Maribo

Our absolute favorite sushi reataurant, all over Lolland and Falster. - Always delicious and fresh sushi. The restaurant is simple and cozy, but it is also possible to order take-away directly on the website if you want to enjoy your sushi elsewhere. Always a wonderful service.

Higgledy Piggledy´s
The Vintage Tea Room

Czarens Hus
Langgade 2
4800 Nykøbing F

Old tea-room in the center of Nykøbing F.
It is a tearoom in old English style, also combinated with small items of the old danish style. A perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea, with the most wonderful staff.  


Restaurant Thomas
Godstedvej 18
4894 Øster Ulslev

A nice restaurant only for adults, with the event of Afternoon tea, once at the beginning of each month. Remember to book a table well in advance, it is highly coveted

Cafe Ritz & Cocktailbar

Torvet 4
4800 Nykøbing F

We´ve been there for a lunch and it was super delicious. - The reviews on tripadvisor are mixed, however, but it is not something we have experienced when we have been at the restaurant.

Restaurant Ö

Strandvejen 10
4880 Nysted

Holiday home atmosphere with a view of the water, the restaurant is next to Nysted Harbor. We have been there for a wonderful lunch, and it is definitely worth a visit.

Yaki Sushi 

Torvet 2
4800 Nykøbing F

The best sushi place on Falster.- The food is always fresh and delicious. It is cozy surroundings in a slightly bar-like atmosphere, the service is not always top notch, but it food is always good.

Restaurant Vinkælderen

Slotsgade  22A
4800 Nykøbing F

A lunch place. - An honest kitchen, homemade food with a large selection of delicious wines. It is a wine cellar, so it is the wine that is the focus at this restaurant.

The Burger

Slotsgade 2
4800 Nykøbing F

American burger restaurant, really cozy atmosphere and good selection, if you are in the mood for burgers.

Det gamle Pakhus

Adelgade 42
4880 Nysted

Restaurant with both indoor and outdoor dining

Cafe 3kanten

Slotsbryggen 24
4800 Nykøbing F

A really nice restaurant on the castle pier with a view of the sound. It´s a delicious place to eat a good burger.

Oreby Kro

Orebygaard 2
4990 Sakskøbing

The inn is located next to Sakskøbing Fjord, highly sought after place, it is important to book a table if you want to dine at the inn.

Café Lysemose

Vestre Landevej 16
4930 Maribo

Lovely place, in the middle of the forest and out to the lake. - The place is only open once in a while, so check the website for opening hours and events.

Restaurant Mejerigården

Gammel Landevej 87
4874 Gedser

Magnificent decor and fine dining at the old dairy farm and manor house

Krenkerup Bryggeri & Traktørsted

Krenkerupvej 33
4990 Sakskøbing

As it is a brewery, the focus is on the brewery´s specialties, but is is possible to order a dining board with a selection of delicious specialties that can be enjoyed with a Krenkerup beer.

Restaurant ViGGo N

Nystedvej 73
4891 Toreby L

Fuglsang Manor, right next to Fuglsang Art Museum. Enjoy a walk at the museum, and end the day with a delicious dinner at the manor and a walk in the park.

Gæstgiveriet Den Gyldne Svane

Ved Hamborgskoven 2-4
4800 Nykøbing F

The Golden Swan is located at Middelandercentret in Nykøbing F. It is a restaurant designed as an inn in 14th century Denmark. It is an open kitchen with fireplace. The restaurant is closed for the winter.

Den Grønne Verden

Søllestedgårdvej 4, Hestestalden
4920 Søllested

The Green World at Søllestedgaard Gods. Kitchen garden, dining, farm shop and events.

Lydolphs isbar

Hollands Gaard 26A
4800 Nykøbing F


A fantastic ice cream bar - people travel a long way to eat ice cream right here at Lydolphs icecream bar