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Our favorites

Lolland and Falster has a lot to offer turists. We have chosen to highlight some of our favorites here, but we would clearly recommend that you examine yourself, what to visit, to find the attractions that interest you the most. 



Visit Dodekalitten

Kragenæsvej 62, 4943 Torrig L

You can visit the website here:


Nysted Beach

If you want to enjoy the beach, you can find Nysted Beach Nearby. 

Skansevej, 4880 Nysted

Frilandsmuseet Maribo

Walk in the past, in the eighteenth-century and feel the atmosphere.

Meinckesvej 5, 4930 Maribo

You can visit the website here:


Knuthenborg Safaripark

Visit the park, and experience the animals up close.

Knuthenborg Alle, 4930 Maribo

You can visit the website here:

Nysted Watertower

Visit the tower, and experience the view of Nysted and the surroundings.

Ny Østergade, Nysted

You can visit the website here:

Toreby Labyrintpark

Experience the Labyrinths, funny activities, cosy corners and wodden art.

Niels Clausensvej, 4891 Toreby

You can visit the website here:

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

Experience one of the oldest art museums i Denmark. They have a large selection of danish art as well as exhibitions

Nystedvej 71, 4891 Toreby

You can visit the website here:

Go on a sealsafari from Nysted Harbor


Check out the website for more information


Minitown in Maribo

Maribo old town, build in miniature.

Østre Landevej 33, 4930 Maribo

Find it here:



Go to Middelaldercentret in Nykøbing F

Experience the middle ages in a living history museum

Ved Hamborgskoven 2, 4800 Nyk. F

You can visit the website here:

Geocenter Møns Klint

We recommend a day trip to Møns Klint. Spectacular natur and long walks.

Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre

You can visit the website here:

Frederiksdal Wines

Visit Frederiksdal, see the production, feel the atmosphere and taste the wines

Frederiksdalsvej 30, 4912 Harpelunde

You can visit the website here:

Naturepark Maribosøerne

Enjoy a boattrip on Maribo søerne, go to the website, choose between 3 different tours and enjoy 1 or 2 hours on the water

You can visit the website here:


Find Thomas Dambo troll in Maribo

You can find the troll Free Will in Bangshaveskoen near the Open Air Museum and the Hylddalen amphitheater




The old gravel pit in Kettinge

The old gravel pit in Kettinge

The old gravel pit has been transformed into a beautiful natural area with public access. It is a beautiful area where we recommend that you bring a cozy food  basket to enjoy in the scenic areas. 

The whole area is developed with a big pond, with small bridges and winding footpaths. Horses can ride through the area, and in winter the large artificial hill Troelshøj is used as a tobaggan run for the little ones.  


Krokodille Zoo

A zoo in development, see among others, leopards, crocodiles and snakes in the Crocodile Zoo.

Ovstrupvej 9, 4863 Eskildstrup

You can visit the website here:

Per Hansens garden

A 55.000 m2 botanic garden.

Vesternæsvej 56, Kappel, 4900 Nakskov

You can visit the website here:

Naturepark Saksfjed-Hyllekrog

163 hectare wood, beach and dune, experience the wild birds in the area from the lookout tower or go for a walk on the trails.

Lyttesholmvej, 4970 Rødby

You can read more on the website:

Guldborsund Zoo and Botanical Garden

A Zoo filled with animals, from lemurs to iguanas, and from snakes and penguins to reindeers.

Østre Alle 97, 4800 Nyk. F

You can read more on the website:

Bicycle-rides around Lolland and Falster

Find the bicycle routes here